Mixing different coloured metals in jewellery

For many years there was the perception that you could only wear one colour of gold at a time. This is definitely no longer the case. In fact, mixing yellow, white and even rose gold, is very much on trend. Here are some suggestions when it comes to mixing metals: Stacking is stunning Stack rings or bracelets in different shades of gold next to each other. You can even layer different coloured necklaces as long as the style is the same. For instance, a modern chunky gold bracelet will look out of place with delicate platinum antique earrings. Bear in mind the ratio Always be conscious of the ratio of one type of gold with the rest. It’s a good idea to have one colour as the main focus, accessorised by the other colour, rather than go for a 50/50 split. A bracelet or necklace with yellow gold either side of a platinum or white gold strip makes for an eye-catching ensemble.   As always, what’s most important is that whatever jewellery combination you choose, you feel good wearing it.

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