About Naomi Diamonds

Uwe Koetter is proud to be associated with Naomi Lloyd.  We have been inspired by Naomi’s Diamond Philosophy and her perspectives about diamonds and how they teach us about our love connections: about bonds, journeys and reactions.  Uwe Koetter has based the content of their 50th anniversary video from this diamond philosophy.



Naomi lives in Southsea, Hampshire and is a lady of many interests and talents: she is a photographer, writer, diamond philosopher and charitable ambassador for YouCanFree.Us, which focusses on rescuing trafficked women. Her diamond philosophy came into being when she began to see parallels and connections between diamonds and humans.

Instagram : @naomi.diamonds
Twitter: @naomidiamonds


Naomi established the diamond philosophy brand to introduce a new story and understanding of diamonds. The aim of the philosophy is to help diamond companies connect to a new generation.

It is a Different Diamond Perspective: a belief that by truly understanding the diamond we can learn lessons about our love connections: about bonds, journeys and reactions. It is about digging deeper than surface sparkle to find value that is unbreakable.


Naomi Lloyd is also the author of soon-to-be released Fantasy Romance Book series "The Tandro Connections".  This exciting new book series, about  the power of family love to stay bonded against an out-of-this world energy, is set in London, Cape Town ...and Planet Tandro! Back in 2015 when Naomi was completing the end of Book One, where the diamond  link between the two planets is revealed, Naomi felt it was imperative that she travel to Cape Town. 
Her aim: to soak up some Table Mountain energy and find the best designer for the key diamond neck piece that connects the story together - The Derado!
As soon as Naomi met Johan Louw, Head Designer at Uwe Koetter, it was clear that  a beautiful and unique neck piece would soon be born. They had both drawn the same design for the pendant: a diamond within an eye! Johan then set about creating a stunning piece of jewellery to incorporate individual energy and colour. Ever the pioneer, Johan wanted to ensure the neck piece could be made to match the colour energy of the wearer, and felt the best way to do this would be to introduce Niobium into the design.


The Derado neck piece is pink in design to represent the main character, Stefanie, who has an unusual emotional energy. The collar is made from rose gold with niobium triangular inserts within it. Niobium is a type of metal which can present its appearance in different colours according to the electric currents that are charged through it. The triangular inserts on this design have been charged to present as a beautiful pink shade. The pink stone in the pendant is a synthetic pink sapphire.
The Derado can be custom designed to match your individual colour energy. Not everyone is drawn to pink! Take the quiz below to find out what diamond colour energy represents you and what your Derado would look like? Contact Naomi Diamonds or Uwe Koetter for more details on the book series and creating a Derado just for you.

Just for fun
Naomi has created an interesting and fun quiz for you to be able to determine what the perfect diamond colour is for you.