Our Philosophy

Our bespoke jewellery philosophy celebrates uniqueness and diversity through honouring the individual. It ensures that all designing and manufacturing of bespoke jewellery is fulfilled according to the exact needs of our clients.

Our Approach

We are a family business and we treat each client as a member of our family. It is for this reason that we are in the privileged position of serving third and fourth generations of our first clients who became part of our bespoke family more than fifty years ago.

Our Mission

To build on and remain true to our heritage as South Africa’s most awarded jeweller by promoting the value of bespoke jewellery.

Our Stories

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At Uwe Koetter we have a proud heritage of industry leading design and superlative craftsmanship. The greatest source of our pride stems from the many relationships we have built by successfully delivering on clients’ needs time after time.

Uwe Koetter

Uwe Koetter

Johan Louw

Johan Louw


Some of our Work

See our bespoke jewellery philosophy in action.