There seems to be an innate movement towards really knowing who we are and identifying with that. The signet ring is a symbol of exactly that: this is who I am, this is my family, my history, my crest. 

With knowing who you are comes peace. Certainty. Security. Confidence.

Whether you opt for a traditional family crest ring, or a custom initial monogram with a birthstone, the sentiment remains the same – this is a statement of authenticity.

Because knowing who you are brings peace, but stating who you are brings strength.

Uwe Koetter Jewellers believes in bespoke designs which tell your story. We will guide you with expert advice every step of the way.

The signet ring or pendant process is one that involves the clients all the way. Your choices of metals, stones and designs are taken from images and rendered into 3D designs so that you are certain that what we produce reflects who you are.


We cannot tell you who you are; that’s your privilege. But what we can do is help you state it; and that is our honour.


Should you feel inspired or moved to have a signet ring or pendant made, get in touch with us. 

Stating who you are unequivocally and boldly is only the final stage of a journey that for some may come naturally, and for others, may have been tough.

Either way, we believe knowing who you are is something worth honouring, so let us help.

Chat to us about designing something unique and personal.