Topaz and Diamond Signature Necklace

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The purpose of a dreamcatcher is so lovely: Native American culture states that dreamcatchers positioned above a child’s bed filters bad dreams from the good, and channels only good thoughts to the child.

A pendant inspired by this most beautiful thought is striking and complex. And we trust that it will serve as a reminder of protection and care.


Speak to one of our designers and adapt this design to your style and budget or use it as inspiration and create something bespoke.


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A note on feathers and cranes

When considering this collection of jewellery, one needs to keep in mind the rich lore and belief system in which feathers and cranes are steeped in. The symbolism of feathers, finding feathers or even seeing one floating by ranges from signs of being watched over by angels, divine care and prosperity to transcending restraining thoughts and being creative.

Cranes too are revered all over the world and in many cultures. They seem to be adored by many. They embody longevity, happiness, good fortune, intelligence and balance.

These items have been crafted with these beliefs as their back story. We hope that their stories inspire your own.

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