Wanderlust Drop Bar Diamond Pendant

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The heart of the explorer is a complex thing. It searches to discover. It is always in thought, always in conversation and always wanting to find out more.

In times of old, the explorer would leave the old world behind, and so too leave behind stale ideas and concepts of space, confines of custom and restrained thinking. The heart of an explorer is an unbridled one, and the spirit of an explorer is a difficult one to capture.

And so they would look up to the skies and anchor their travels on “Crux”, the asterism informally known as the Southern Cross. This constellation served as the starting point for journeys that lead to new worlds, unfounded thoughts and freedom.

Its bright stars form both the inspiration and the security to go. To go far. Because if you know who and where you are, you can never be lost. Ever so often when we look at the night sky trying to orientate our thoughts, our travels, our space, this beacon provides us with the direction to keep going.

After all, not all who wander are lost.

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