Intertwine Oval Signet Ring

Starting From: R1 785

This custom-made signet ring is a ring of grand style, quality and great durability. You can wear this signet ring with a blank face or have it engraved for individual personalisation. Bask in the unforgettable radiance and luxury with this enduring Signet Ring. All prices are based on a standard finger size M.

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Speak to one of our designers and adapt this design to your style and budget or use it as inspiration and create something bespoke.


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Signet Rings

Current Trends
Nowadays, signet rings do not have the same function as they did, but there is something about the sense of belonging and what that represents that seems to be making a comeback. People like identifying with something, albeit a cause, an organisation, a fraternity or a family. And though some signet rings may look a little different to the ones of old, the heart behind modern-day signet rings is the same heart that has prevailed since 1400 BC: this is who I am and this is who I bring into the future with me.