Bespoke Yellow Gold Pangolin Ring

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Inspired by our original Pangolin Pendant from our Talisman collection, this client commissioned a bespoke Pangolin ring. Special details included as much detail showing the scales, as well as the form taken by a Pangolin when it’s curled up.

Hand-carved in wax, we used the lost wax carving method to cast the ring in 9k yellow gold, adding in additional details after to really bring the texture to life. A setting was placed on afterwards to hold the 3.5mm round faceted London Blue Topaz.

The true finishing touches are added by using a combination of high polished and fibreglass brushed/satin matte finish to make the details stand out even more. We are needless to say over the moon with the finished product! What do you think?


Speak to one of our designers and adapt this design to your style and budget or use it as inspiration and create something bespoke.


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