Captured Memories – The Protea

As we have been forced to slow down, be kind and just be, many of us now have the time to spend on that which makes us who we are. We read, we paint, we make music, we talk – really talk – to those we should have a long time ago. We reflect on memories.

For others, maybe this time of self-reflection is triggered by items found in our homes. Items which have captured memories of our lives within them. It could be a feather gifted by a child, a teacup entrusted by a granny or even a burnt protea.

The Uwe Koetter “Captured Memories” service allows for items which are usually stowed away, to be worn as rings, pendants, earrings or whatever feels right. The 3D-printing service allows for meaningful jewellery to be crafted from the items of your heart.

Natures design combined with a talented designers keen eye and a state of the art process delivers something incredible.

More than a 100 digital photographs converts the physical burnt protea into a digital asset. 

Captured Memories is focused on capturing and preserving the essence of an item, with all its perfections and imperfections. We do not loosely base designs on the – often sentimental item – but actually capture it exactly.

To do this, we follow a process called photogrammetry which combines digital photography with state of the art software (and talented designers and artists) to reproduce exactly the item (or part thereof) handed to us for inclusion in the final item of jewellery.

The process involves taking more than a hundred photographs from all angles of the item which is then processed using industry leading software into a 3D model making nature’s brilliance available in its original form for use or inclusion in your design.

You can find another example of this process here:

Experience and interact with your 3D design on the industry leading Sketchfab platform. Rotate, zoom and view your design from every possible angle allowing you to get a detailed view of the final design before manufacturing commences.

No surprises. Simply a final product that is exactly what you have in mind. But that is not where we stop! Next we 3D print a model of your design to enable you to judge the scale and try on the item for size.


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Captured Memories – The Heart-Shaped Stone

A pair of baby shoes, a heart-shaped stone or a dried flower or leaf – these are the treasures of a life lived. But these treasures cannot be carried around with us, and more often than not, they are kept in drawer, a book, or a box, and are only looked at every now and then. 

It was the sentiment of wanting to capture that which is precious to us and wanting to share that with others that drove the Captured Memories service. Our designers and techies have spent ample time researching and refining the service of creating a scaled replica of the sentimental items in a range of metals. These replicas can then be worn as pendants, earrings or rings. Our talented designers will make that happen for you.

The story of the heart-shaped stone is carried in the eyes of the little boy who gave it to his mommy so many years ago. It is also carried in the heart of his mommy. She remembers how he, brimming with pride, gave her this treasure. This one was different (he had given her many rocks and sticks and leaves before), as it was shaped as a heart. And as his little hands that could barely clasp around the stone reached up to her to give it to her, she saw it – the pride and love of a gift that came from the most beautiful place in the world: a child’s heart. It was all there in his eyes, and those eyes etched that memory in her heart on the beach that day. Now, as she clutches her pendant, the memory surfaces again, and she smiles. 

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