It was the sentiment of wanting to capture that which is precious to us and wanting to share that with

others that drove the Captured Memories service.


Our talented designers will make that happen for you.

A pair of baby shoes, a heart-shaped stone or a dried flower or leaf – these are the treasures of a life lived. But these treasures cannot be carried around with us, and more often than not, they are kept in drawer, a book, or a box, and are only looked at every now and then.

It was the sentiment of wanting to capture memories into tangible items of jewellery so that we can share them with others, which inspired the Captured Memories service.

Our designers and techies have spent ample time researching and refining the service of creating a scaled replica of the sentimental items in a range of metals. These replicas can then be worn as pendants, earrings, rings, or any item of jewellery which represents your memory in the way you want it to be.

We follow a process called photogrammetry which combines digital photography with state of the art software to reproduce exactly the item (or part thereof) handed to us for inclusion in the final item of jewellery.