What is it about the stars and galaxies that fascinates us so? Yes, the beauty of the orbs on display against the inky black canvas is a given. But, there is more to it.  More and more studies are confirming that we are bound to the stars, as on an atomic level, we are literally made of them. Supernovae have provided us with the very elements needed to exist. We are made of stars and light.

When zooming in on the molecular structure of our DNA, the resemblance to constellations and galaxies of stars is uncanny. Other than the scientific proof of hydrogen released from supernovae comprising our bodies, on a more romantic level, it’s incredible to see the galaxies contained within us. The heavens contain unfathomable amounts of precious metals and energy that, on a molecular level, are represented within us.

To many of us, a relationship, albeit one that is forged or one that is bestowed on us through family, seems preordained. We find our cosmic match in the eyes of a loved one, or in the clasp of a little hand on our finger, or in a friend whose knowing smile provides all the security we need.

Some relationships are so intrinsically part and perfect to us, that their origins must have been written in the stars.

Two neuron stars collide. The result is white light and a shower of gold. That gold dust floats through space. And as dust does, it settles. And the results are magnificent.

For a meteorite to have reached earth, it has needed all of the above. Despite light-years of adversity and obstacles, it nestles on earth and makes this place its home. And within, it contains Moissanite. Clear fire that shines more brightly than diamonds as its process has forced refinement and clarity with splendor as the result.

We stand in awe of these gifts from the cosmos. And we remain inspired by them.

Gold reminds us that despite our being under fire, our being forced to change and sometimes take on new roles, or even when we feel stretched beyond our capacity, we contain a brilliance that is innate. It is who we are – brilliant.