A fancy cut diamond is any diamond cut that is not round. Whilst the round cut makes up nearly 80 percent of the market, fancy cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular.

Some settings and metals are better for fancy cut diamonds

Certain settings enhance fancy cut diamonds. An example is the three stone engagement ring. Round shaped side stones will highlight the distinct shape of a centre diamond with a fancy cut.

Some fancy cuts, such as emerald and asscher, have very few facets on the table which makes it difficult to hide inclusions. Light metals such as platinum might highlight these imperfections. If you want to use a light metal, it is important to invest in a stone with higher clarity and colour grade.

Radiant and princess cut diamonds hide inclusions quite well due to the large number of facets. Platinum complements these diamond cuts as they both enhance each other’s brilliance.

Certain types of jewellery pair well with fancy cuts

Aside from engagement rings, fancy cut diamonds are well suited to pendants and earrings. Heart and pear shaped diamonds are both lovely choices for pendants.

Princess cut diamonds are perfect in earrings as their many facets create a beautiful sparkle and their larger table makes them appear bigger than they are.

Coloured diamonds are more likely to be fancy cuts

Coloured diamonds tend to be more expensive and rare so a diamond cutter will want to use as much of the stone as possible to minimise waste and maximise carat weight. As certain fancy cuts hide inclusions well, the cutter is able retain more of the diamond without sacrificing the sparkle.

Fancy cut diamonds follow fashion trends

The emerald cut was extremely popular from the 1950s to the 1970s, influenced by people such as Princess Grace who had an emerald cut ring.

In the 1980s bling and geometric shapes were the order of the day so the sparkle of the princess cut made it a popular choice. It soon became more popular than the emerald cut. Recently the cushion cut has gained in popularity because it shares the brilliance of the princess cut but has a more unconventional shape, an appealing option in this age of personalisation.