Surely one of the most intimidating things ever, is being asked, “Exactly what is it you want?”. Let’s be honest, most of us can’t even decide what it is we want to wear in the morning. How much more perplexing is it to have the answer to a jewellery design question?

We at Uwe Koetter pride ourselves in being experts in jewellery, the design thereof, and most importantly, interpreting what you envision correctly in order to provide you with exactly that – what you envision.

So at Uwe Koetter, and integral part of our philosophy is to “really listen to what the client says” (Johan Louw). Our designers and salespeople take the time to get to know you, because getting to know the client enables us to “contribute to designing jewellery that suits the client and their lifestyle” (Eliska Sauer).

Designers should be asking you who you are, what moment is being celebrated, what your budget and what your style preferences are. A designer worth his or her salt should be considering your skin tone, favourite stones, metal preference and most importantly, should be taking you on a “journey of co-operation”.  And that, is the backbone of the design philosophy at Uwe Koetter.

Uwe Koetter Jewellers loves creating. We love honouring people, the moments that make them who they are, and doing so in a way that makes the client feel like they are right at home.

Jewellery Designer Drawing a Design in Cape Town South Africa