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The #RidetheHunt Challenge

How does one push one’s boundaries? How does one expand one’s inner limit?

For some, it’s getting onto the bike for the first time. For others, it’s by taking on that extra hill. The irony though, is that while we train to better ourselves, invariably, we do so on the same routes.

The Uwe Koetter #RidetheHunt Challenge is designed to contest that. To shift the boundaries we have set for ourselves – in terms of trails and thoughts. It has been designed to get us out there, and just that little further than we would have gone if it were up to us.

The incentive? A luxury tented accommodation team entry to the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales.

The reward? Exploration. Discovery. Moments captured in new places.

Uwe Koetter are known for their bespoke designs and have applied this appreciation of unique beauty to the Western Cape’s trails. The treasure that this part of our country has to offer is waiting to be explored, so go on – #RidetheHunt.

Not based in the Western Cape? Join the RISE solo virtual challenge with your road, gravel or mountain bike.

#RidetheHunt 2019 Grand Prize:

A Luxury Tented Accommodation Team Entry to the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales.

The #RidetheHunt Challenge

Western Cape Edition

#RidetheHunt is a 5 stage virtual challenge. The challenge will take place between May and September 2019 where participants will need to complete a minimum distance in order to progress to the next stage. Points are accumulated per stage, with the overall winner being the team with the highest number of points at 00:00 on 30 September 2019.

The Challenges

A Tour of Bloemendal and Hillcrest

Ease into the #RidetheHunt challenge with an easy ride of these popular Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club trails. Simply take a photo of your team with your favourite Unesco World Heritage site in the background.

Share your photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #UweKoetter #RidetheHunt and #”your choice of Unesco site (replace this text with your choice 🙂 )”. Tag your Strava ride with #Uwekoetter #RidetheHunt and #Stage1.

Minimum distance to cover during your ride – 35 km.

Not familiar with the Bloemendal and Hillcrest trails? Find everything you need to know on the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club website.

Permits available 24/7 from reception at the Protea Hotel Durbanville, 99 Jip de Jager Road.

For Stage 2, we’re going for quality over quantity. Here’s your challenge:

> Complete the Wild Boar Trail on Val du Charron to progress to Stage 3

> Tag @wildboartrails, @valducharronwines, @uwekoetterjewellers on Facebook and @valdu.charron and @uwe_koetter on Instagram. Remember the tags – #uwekoetter #stage2 and #ridethehunt

There are a number of incentives listed in the bonus points section below.

Hosted by Wild Boar Trails. See the trail introduction video here.

Wild Boar Trails Logo

Val du Charron Border

To complete this stage you have to:

> Complete the Orange Route

> Review Hero Adventure Trails Spice Route on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor

> Post a video of your favourite part of the trails and tag @HeroSpiceRoute, @uwekoetterjewellers, #ridethehunt, #stage3, #Paarl and #MTB

There are a number of prizes and incentives as well as bonus points on offer. See the Bonus Points section below.

Hosted by Hero Adventure Trails.


Hero Adventure Logo

The Rules

  • Participants have to complete each stage at least once as a team.
  • Multiple rides of each stage are allowed (as individuals or teams) with points awarded to each completed ride based on the points system below.
  • Rides completed for the #RidetheHunt challenge are eligible for inclusion in the Rise challenge.

We have updated one of the rules:

After much discussion and requests from competitors we have decided to amend one of the rules.

Obviously we do not take these changes lightly and make these changes only after careful consideration.

Previously, participants had to complete each stage in a particular month. Stage 1 was to be completed in May, Stage 2 in June and so on. Stage 5 would have had to be completed during September 2019.

It has come to our attention that many participants find this excludes them from participating in the challenge. The long DNF (did not finish) list at the end of May supports this.

We have elected to relax this rule and allow participants to complete a stage at any point between May 2019 and September 2019.

Stage prizes will still be awarded at the end of the stage. Therefore to be eligible for a stage prize, you have to complete the stage during the relevant month.

Riders must be 19 years or older on 28 October 2019 in order to participate in this challenge.

Scoring Matrix

A photo posted on Instagram (4) with the #UweKoetter (3), #RidetheHunt (3) #UnescoHeritage(replace with site name) (3) tags will earn you 13 points.

Adding @uwe_koetter will add a further 4 points to your total and sharing the link uwekoetter.com/cycling will earn you 1 more point.

NOTE: Points will be updated every 72 hours.

Stage 2 Bonus Points:

> Complete the Wild Boar Trail more than once and earn 200 bonus points.

> Complete any other trail (Warthog, Porcupine, Hedgehog, Flat Hog or Hawekwas) in addition to the Wild Boar Trail (on the same or different days) and earn 150 bonus points. Excluding Potbelly route and and Cross Country Course. Please record the rides as separate activities.

> The most liked photograph for a given day will earn 100 bonus points.

> Share a video of your favourite part(s) of the trail and earn 150 bonus points.

Stage 3 Bonus Points:

>500 Points for every additional completion of the Orange Route.

>500 Points for supporting any of the sponsors and sharing a photo with # (CBC/Wilderer/Barley and Biltong/Trading Company/Spice Route).

Prizes & Incentives

A Team Entry with Luxury Tented Accommodation to the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales taking place from 28 to 30 October.

This three day stage race will take you from Oak Valley on day 1 to the Marine Hotel in Hermanus on day 3. See more here.

A R10 000 Uwe Koetter voucher for each of the winning team members.

A two night stay at the 4 Star Val du Charron Wine and Leisure Estate inclusive of breakfast for the winning team*.

Note that this can be divided into two one night stays – i.e. one night stay for each team member with their partner.

> Winners of Stage 3 will take home two full annual memberships to the Hero Adventure Trails as well as wine from Spice Route and Rhebokskloof, Gin from Wilderer Distillery and beer from CBC.

> There are a number of spot prizes for the most liked images that include the best view, most beautiful part of the trails and #mostfunyoucanhavewithyourclotheson. These include day passes, vouchers, beer and gin.

Sadly we had to cancel this stage due to several challenges and various setbacks.

Sadly we had to cancel this stage due to several challenges and various setbacks.


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Go on.

Achieve the greatest weighted ascent in meters – as measured by Strava – on your road, gravel or mountain bike between June 2019 and November 2019.

See ‘Winning Formula’ below for details on weighted ascent.


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