Uwe Koetter offers a comprehensive solution to your jewellery needs with services ranging from remodelling and restringing to resizing and repairing of jewellery.

With hundreds of years of combined experience designing jewellery in a facility where jewellery making is a way of life, you are sure to find jewellery solutions and services that can not be found in other jewellery stores. Our team of master jewellers and designers have a commitment to being the best. Since we make the jewellery that we sell we have a personal interest in those who wear it. Our personal pride motivates us to provide you with the very best jewellery services possible.

From a simple request for jewellery cleaning and inspection, to ring sizing, or an elaborate vintage jewellery restoration our jewellers are matched to your project with the skills necessary to ensure the best possible results. Whether you require a rhodium plating on your white gold to restore its original lustre or need a detailed jewellery appraisal, all work needed will be done, on site, in our jewellery store in Cape Town, South Africa.


Breathing new life into a treasured piece of jewellery is another of our services. Our skilled and award-winning designers will gladly sit with you to discuss how you would like to revamp your dated item. The obligation-free consultation will ensure that your taste and requirements are honoured. Once the design phase is complete, the item will be handcrafted according to what you desired whilst maintaining our high standard of quality.

Repairs & Resizing

Art may be timeless, but time does take its toll on jewellery. Bring your beloved item of jewellery to us so that we can examine it and give you an obligation-free quotation of the costs involved in repairing or restoring the item. Or, if your need is to have a loved family heirloom or antique resized, we can help you too. We promise to treat your treasure with care and respect and return it to you so that you can enjoy wearing it.

Rhodium Plating

The description ‘white gold’ is something of a misnomer. Gold is yellow in colour and is treated to produce what is called ‘white gold’ through an electroplating process using rhodium. Rhodium in turn is a precious metal and a member of the platinum family. The electroplating process bonds rhodium to the precious metal, most often yellow gold, to create white gold which is similar in appearance to platinum. However, the thin layer of plating will eventually wear away. Evidence of the plating wearing away is found in the look of the piece; the area without the plating will show the yellowish colour of the original precious metal. Should you notice this change, please contact one of the sales consultants at Uwe Koetter and we will gladly re-plate your jewellery at a nominal cost.

Appraisals & Valuations

Uwe Koetter offers appraisal and valuation services to existing and prospective clients. The experience and professional qualifications of our Graduate Gemologist (Gemological Institute of America) are further supported by the qualification of Registered Gemologist Appraiser (International School of Gemmology). Our knowledge and expertise ensure that you will receive fair and accurate values for your items.


It is always best to use a professional for restringing broken pearl or bead chains to ensure the best result. We restring necklaces to your required length, with or without knots. The advantage of knotting between each pearl or bead is that it helps stop them from rubbing together and causing damage as well as from getting lost should a strand break. We use secure threads that are durable and less likely to wear down over time.

Insurance Quotes

Should the unfortunate event of your jewellery being stolen occur, we are able to assist you efficiently and timeously. We will help you provide quotes for insurance purposes as well as replace your treasured item.

Workshop Tours

Uwe Koetter invites its clients on an educational journey through its showroom and workshop, offering an overview of the intricate and truly specialised jewellery trade. Guests will be able to learn about the various stages of design and manufacture, including hand and Computer Aided Design (CAD), the printing of prototypes as well as diamond mining and grading. Visitors can also witness silver and gold smelting while learning about South Africa’s prodigious mineral wealth.

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All of our showrooms offer a warm welcome, but if you aren’t local our cutting edge technology allows you to work with one of our designers in real time wherever you are in the world, as many of our customers have discovered.


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We've Gone Virtual

Our clients can be assured of the same professional service that they have come to expect from Uwe Koetter. Our designers are available for digital collaborations, sharing and viewing of 3D models through a range of products and services.

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