By utilising the latest in technology, Uwe Koetter has simplified what may be perceived as the rather daunting task of custom-designing jewellery. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Uwe Koetter offers Computer Aided Designs and 3D printing which enables us to design and produce a prototype of your bespoke jewellery piece.

Our designers and you, the client, work side by side developing a design which is unique to you and your vision, while honouring your budget. Our custom-design specialists will bring your inspiration to life by combining the latest design technology with our dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship.


Computer Aided Design is a revolutionary innovation which will provide you with a realistic image of your design before you actually commission a custom-made item of jewellery. We are then able to implement stress-free revisions ensuring that we create your envisioned design.

Finally, you will be presented with a 3D printed resin prototype of your bespoke jewellery item to try on. This will enable us to gather final information on any adjustments to size, detailing or style ahead of manufacturing, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.