An Eternity

How do you define “Eternity”?

Eternity could be a moment of longing for something that is just one moment too long. It could be a phone that doesn’t ring. It could be nine months and one day. Or, it could be looking into someone’s eyes and knowing that days will never complete without those eyes being a part of those days again.

And how do you show someone that they are your eternity? This need has been around for almost as long as people have been able to document their thoughts. The “ouroboros” was an ancient symbol used by the ancient Egyptians. It symbolised eternity and depicted a snake consuming its own tail. The cyclical nature of this, death in order to sustain life, was translated into rings fashioned out of braided reeds, carved bone and even metal, which were bestowed on loved ones.

The ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians knew that words fail us. We do not always know how to formulate the flutterings of our hearts, nor the wild and crazed emotions running through our souls. So they created symbols of eternity and infinity to say those things with the ultimate symbol: the circle. Perfect. Whole. Complete.

A Show of Promises

Promises of love for eternity are determined by you. Many choose to give a new mother an eternity ring at the birth of their first child. Here the eternity ring symbolises the circle of life. Others do so on a special wedding anniversary, albeit the first, tenth or fortieth.

How wonderful is it that we are able to embrace this tradition of old in order to tell those we love how we feel? To tell them we adore them more than time can tell, and more than words can explain? The eternity ring encapsulates not only the love of the past, but that of the future too. And that, in its essence, is timeless.

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