Labour of Love Programme

At Uwe Koetter we take extreme care in producing high- quality jewellery that stands the test of time. In fact, we regularly receive of our older items for valuations and assessments that are more than 30 years old and still in excellent condition despite daily use.

As proud as we are of our quality and the longevity of our products, it fails in a critical way. Even the most contemporary and unique designs age over time. As styles change and new trends emerge, consumers often find themselves with a top-quality product that is now longer as cutting-edge or expressive and unique as it was twenty years ago.

Our deeply-woven innovation prompted us to solve this problem for our clients. We set out to develop a solution and we are delighted to introduce our Labour of Love Programme (LoLP). What the LoLP does, is offer our clients free labour and design time on all qualifying products(1).

Therefore, if we redesign your item and your current metal and stones suffice for your newly-designed item, you end up paying R0. But instead of only offering you a once-off redesign, we decided to allocate a certain number of resources linked to the amount you spend. Furthermore, you decide how it is you would like to use those resources.

Here’s what your need to know: 

The number of labour and design hours included with your purchase is dependent on the amount you spend on the item. Refer to the table below for details. 

Amount Spent (ZAR)  Labour Time (Hours)  Design Time (Hours)  Uwe Koetter Club Eligible? 
R0 – R20 000  0  0  No. 
R20 000 – R50 000  5  2  Yes. 
R20 000 – R50 000  10  5  Yes. 
R50 000 – R100 000  15  8  Yes. 
R100 000 +  20  12  Yes. 
  • Design time includes 3d modelling, scanning, prototyping, consultation and photography
  • Labour times includes general manufacturing labour by qualified goldsmiths as well as setting
  • Metal is swapped 1 gram customers’ metal for 0.8 grams new metal due to losses in production process
  • Remodelling in terms of this programme can only take place during May and August annually
  • The LoLP applies to a range of jewellery purchased on or after 14 September 2019

Look for the LoLP Eligible icon across our website.

Smile Diamond Upgrade Programme (SDUP)

If and when the time comes that you want something bigger or better, we want to help you get what you want. A wide range of our jeweller is eligible for the Diamond Up programme. Here, the value of your original diamond counts as a credit against your new purchase. Below are the terms and conditions:
  • The new item has to be at least double the value of the original item
  • Fancy colour diamonds are not eligible for the SDUP
  • Only certified stones are eligible
  • Items purchased in terms of the SDUP are not eligible for the Labour of Love programme, but still qualify for the Uwe Koetter Club

Look out for the SDUP eligible icon across our website.

The Uwe Koetter Club

The Uwe Koetter Club allows our clients access to award-winning pieces of jewellery to wear to special occasions without necessarily owning these items. This service extends our clients’ range of looks and ensures that they look breathtaking at every event, and in the end, making our clients happy is what we are about.

Membership is dependent on spend, number of previous purchases, the number of items purchased and the customer score (an internal metric we use). 

Accumulated Spend (ZAR)  Number of Purchases  Number of Items  Limit Per Item  

(Retail Value – ZAR) 

R0 – R50 000  1  1  R30 000 
R51 000 – R100 000  3  2  R50 000 
R101 000 – R350 000  5  3  R100 000 
R351 000+  6+  3  R250 000 
  • Level is determined by spend as well as client score.
  • The item(s) need(s) to be insured at all times. You can arrange your own insurance and supply us with proof, or we can arrange insurance for you. The costs will be provided upfront for you to make an informed decision. 
  • Loss and damage are for your account. 

We've Gone Virtual

Our clients can be assured of the same professional service that they have come to expect from Uwe Koetter. Our designers are available for digital collaborations, sharing and viewing of 3D models through a range of products and services.

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