Whether you wish upon a star, hang a horseshoe above your door or enjoy picking four leaf clovers, we all have little rituals that we believe will bring us good luck. The concept of luck as a whole is deeply rooted in personal beliefs, traditions and superstitions and will significantly vary from one culture to the next.

While talismans are often considered a type of lucky charm, they actually involve a deeper level of intentionality and symbolism. Talismans go beyond mere luck but rather attract specific magical or mystical energies and powers

A Further Exploration 

Created or chosen with a particular intention in mind, talismanic jewellery is often worn for the purpose of protection, prosperity, healing and/or spiritual connection. Talismanic jewellery has a rich history spanning cultures and civilizations including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and various indigenous cultures.

The energy and value of the talisman directly corresponds to the attitude of the person who wears it. Belief, intention and connection with the specific piece all play a factor in the mystical properties that empower individuals on their unique spiritual journey.

Uwe Koetter’s Talisman Range

Uwe Koetter’s contemporary range of hand-crafted talismans are designed in collaboration with Cape Town artist Nanna Venter. Through a profound understanding of the psychological power of talismans at their core, this project emerged with the aim to create wearable pieces that are supercharged with health, wellness and hope in today’s modern age.

Whether you’re inviting its power for yourself or for a loved one, keeping a talisman close to your heart enables you to find solace in the hope and positive energy it brings.

It’s All About Symbolism

Spiritual, fortuitous and mystical, talismans feature symbols or motifs believed to carry specific meanings or energies. Read on to explore our range of talismans and uncover which symbols most resonate with you.


Praesidium is a Latin word that translates to “protection.” It refers to a safe haven or refuge that offers shelter from danger and harm. Symbolised by the pangolin, this piece provides its wearer with protection and support in both a physical and emotional sense.

Why a pangolin, you might ask? From protection to resilience, pangolins serve as the perfect symbol of defence. When threatened by predators, these gentle creatures have an incredible ability to roll themselves up into a ball showcasing their unique scales that mirror a knight’s shining armour.

Pangolin’s encourage us to be fearless. They encompass themes of protection and resilience and remind us to uncover braveness from within. 


Next In our talisman collection is Fortuna, derived from the Latin word for “fortune” or “luck.” This concept originates from ancient Roman mythology, where Fortuna reigned as the goddess of luck, fate and fortune.

This virtue is represented by the rabbit, an animal widely recognised as a symbol of luck. In Western folklore, the rabbit’s speed and agility enables it to quickly escape predators. Many believe these attributes are passed on through its feet (specifically the hind feet). Superstitious people suggest that carrying a rabbit’s foot brings good fortune and fortuity, as rabbit feet are associated with avoiding danger or escaping difficult situations.

Interestingly, in the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is also believed to possess additional characteristics such as gentleness and kindness.


Represented by a dog in our range, Fortitudo which means “strength” or “fortitude” and aptly welcomes the energies of courage and spirit.

Individuals who possess fortitude are admired for their ability to stand strong in the face of adversity. They demonstrate bravery, overcoming obstacles through their inner strength.

Holding this talisman close gives one the reassurance that everything will be alright, no matter how hard things seem to get. 


Our Statera talisman symbolises balance and acts to restore harmony, stability and equilibrium in one’s life. The powers of this piece promote equilibrium across various aspects of existence, including physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

A cat stands as the perfect embodiment of Statera. Graceful and agile, this creature always lands on its feet, serving as a reminder to navigate life’s ups and downs with elegance and poise. 

Good fortune smiles upon you

No matter what energy you would like to attract, it’s important that you connect with your intentions in order for the power of the talisman to take effect.

Personalised talismanic jewellery can carry deep emotional or sentimental value, serving as a reminder of your aspirations, goals or connections to loved ones – if you let it. 

Allow these talismans to become cherished companions on your journey, embracing the intrinsic significance of each piece as it imbues your life with positivity, purpose and protection.