A royal engagement

A royal engagement


After a whirlwind romance and months of speculation as to when, rather than if it would happen, British Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle have finally announced their engagement. The ring, which features a stunning 18 carat gold band adorned with a trilogy of diamonds, was designed by Prince Harry. The centre diamond appears […]

Platinum – the 70th wedding anniversary gift

With the news that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and[...]

Solitaire or diamond cluster?

Despite the fact that the single stone diamond[...]

Titanic jewellery

Titanic jewellery


“If all goes well, we will arrive in New York[...]

How to cut a diamond the size of a tennis ball

In case you were thinking about it, you’re too late[...]

Mixing different coloured metals in jewellery

For many years there was the perception that you could[...]

The rarity of pink diamonds

In September a subsidary of Russian diamond mining[...]

Fancy cut diamond facts

A fancy cut diamond is any diamond cut that is not[...]

Reversible earring trend

Also known as double-sided or back-and-forth earrings,[...]

Princess Diana’s jewellery

It is twenty years since Princess Diana passed away in[...]

CPM Street Sleeper Initiative

We had the great pleasure in donating towards the[...]

The heart-shaped diamond cut

  If diamonds are forever, what better symbol of[...]

Floating diamond engagement rings

If you’re looking for an engagement ring thats[...]

Interesting facts and tips for buying a marquise cut diamond

The marquise diamond cut is also known as the[...]

7 unusual diamond cuts for a unique ring

  Rough cut   There’s something special about a[...]

How to get out of a jewellery rut

Do you find you wear the same jewellery every day?[...]

It’s not a necklace, it’s a backlace!

If you’ve seen the photo of actress Jessica Chastain[...]

How to pair a wedding ring with your engagement ring

There are many factors to consider when choosing a[...]

The versatile radiant cut

The radiant cut is the perfect hybrid as it embodies[...]

what jewellery will Pippa Middleton wear on her wedding day?

Pippa Middleton’s big day is fast approaching. On 20[...]

Pear-shaped diamonds

The pear-shaped diamond, often referred to as the[...]

How to choose the side stones for your engagement ring

Side stones have the effect of enhancing the central[...]

Jewellery at the Oscars 2017

It is almost impossible to know where to begin when[...]

Best and worst gemstones for engagement rings

There has been a lot more interest in using other[...]

Pros and cons of the most popular eternity ring settings

Channel set wedding rings have a classic look and[...]

Tips for upgrading your engagement ring

Whatever your reasons for upgrading your engagement[...]

Questions to ask your jeweller when buying an engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is an important decision and[...]

The pros and cons of different metals in wedding bands

When it comes to choosing the metal for your wedding[...]

Six common jewellery buying mistakes

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner,[...]

A possible alternative to yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds are extremely rare and a top-quality[...]

Diamond facts and trivia

There are enough interesting facts about diamonds to[...]

Jewellery trends for 2017

A new year often means new beginnings, but in the[...]

The hottest looks at the Golden Globes 2017

The year got off to a glamorous start with the annual[...]

Diamond colour grading explained

Almost every diamond sold today is rated using the GIA[...]

Investing in pre-owned jewellery

Many people like to own a piece of jewellery that is[...]

Fire, brilliance and scintillation – what’s it all about?

When your jeweller talks about these three aspects, to[...]

Do more facets on a diamond produce better performance?

In a world where more is so often considered superior,[...]

Style spotlight: halo setting

The halo setting has its origins in the Georgian era[...]

Emerald-cut diamonds are Trumps!

As America’s new president-elect leant over to kiss[...]

Tips for buying diamonds online

Do your research As with any luxury purchase, you[...]

What is 3D printing?

At Uwe Koetter, we recently launched our e-commerce[...]

Bow-ties, fish-eyes and other diamond imperfections

We all know about the rarity of diamonds, but even[...]

Style Spotlight: Fancy cut diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds refer to any diamond cuts that are[...]




When one thinks of Africa, one is immediately[...]

Solitaire rings

Solitaire rings


The solitaire ring is a timeless piece of jewellery[...]

How to choose the necklace length that’s right for you

Just as the clothes you wear can flatter you and[...]

Style Spotlight: Asscher cut or cushion cut diamonds?

The recent engagement of Pippa Middleton, younger[...]

Shopping for fine jewellery online

The trend in online shopping shows no signs of slowing[...]

Style Spotlight: Blue gems and diamonds

Coloured gemstones have become immensely popular in[...]

How to shop for jewellery with confidence

How to shop for jewellery with confidence Buying[...]

Five great ways to propose

The key to a successful proposal is to tailor it to[...]

A ring to suit the shape of your hand

Choosing the right ring for your finger is a lot like[...]

3 push gift ideas for new mom

It’s a present that the father of your baby gets you[...]

Charlize Theron Stuns at Oscars 2016

Charlize Theron our South Africa beauty made a[...]

Engagement ring trends

Jewellers are faced with the important task of helping[...]

Why choose one metal when you can have two or three?

Two-tone engagement rings are a hot trend in the[...]

Golden Globes 2016 top 3 jewellery looks

The 73rd Golden Globes took place on Sunday where the[...]

5 quirky Engagement ring facts

We’ve put together 5[...]

Top jewellery moments 2015

When it comes to statement jewels let’s face it[...]

WIN a R20 000 jewellery wish

Sometimes a hint is not enough… And so, Uwe Koetter[...]

The gentleman’s ring

The signet ring considered the “gentleman’s[...]

Investing in Jewels

What can they do for your investment portfolio? Well[...]


If you find that special pendant but not sure what[...]

importance of jewellery valuation certificates

The value of jewellery generally changes, either[...]

Sneak peek| Project photo-shoot

Uwe Koetter has an exciting project lined up. It[...]

Couture paper dresses unveiled

The 1920’s inspired couture paper dresses adorned by[...]

Winners of the Celebrate women’s day with Uwe Koetter Competition

In celebration of Women’s Day Uwe Koetter wanted to[...]

Celebrity jewellery profile: Heidi Klum

It is obvious that Heidi Klum spent her fair share of[...]

Heidi struts in diamonds

Heidi Klum is a woman that knows how important[...]

Famous Men’s Wedding Bands

We must admit that men are often overlooked when it[...]

Duchess Kate dazzles in a tiara

It is pretty hard as jewel lovers to deny the sheer[...]

Alert: Fake Tanzanites

One common question we get from our clients is how to[...]

CAD Overview

CAD Overview


CAD (computer-aided design) software is used by[...]

Rugby world cup trophy

The Rubgy World Cup 2015 kicks off on Friday September[...]

Wedding season inspiration

You’ve set a date and now it is time to get planning.[...]

20 Questions for R20000 Winner

In celebration of Women’s Day Uwe Koetter wanted to[...]

Fine Jewellery Etiquette

Diamonds are the most durable of all the precious[...]

Pay attention to the Mohs Scale

Knowing how gemstones rank on the Mohs scale helps you[...]

Let your jewels do the talking

Fashion was fixed on embellishment on our clothes for[...]

The Good Vibes Charity Bracelet in Collaboration with 2oceansvibe Media

Uwe Koetter is proud to support The Good Vibes Charity[...]


Peridot often called the evening emerald by ancient[...]

20 jewellery pieces under R20 000 that could be yours!

As most of you may know we are currently running a[...]

A Thing or Two Your Jeweller Wants You to Know

Set out a realistic budget for your expectations[...]

20 Questions for R20000

Uwe Koetter Jewellers will be celebrating Women’s Day[...]

Planning a trip? We have a tip

Jewellery is your saviour when it comes to saving[...]


The setting refers to the way in which the gemstone is[...]

Necklace basics

Necklace basics


  Did it ever happen where you decide to buy[...]

CFDA Fashion Awards 2015

The CFDA Fashion Awards aim to recognize[...]

Forest Green Tsavorite

Tsavorite is the name given to the rich green variety[...]

Platinum vs Gold

Platinum vs Gold


Both gold and platinum metals are unique, yet similar[...]

met gala 2015 review

The Met Gala, otherwise known as the fashion world’s[...]

Bespoke Baby ID Bracelets

The baby ID bracelet is the perfect  bespoke and[...]

Four rules for accessorising your wedding dress

Finding your wedding dress was without a doubt fun,[...]

Exclusively Bespoke

The idea behind a beautiful piece of jewellery is to[...]


Pantone is recognized worldwide as the experts on[...]

February Sweepstakes Winner: Anita Reed

Congratulations to Anita Reed our last Sweepstakes[...]

Gents style: the bracelet

A true gentleman knows that what you project to the[...]

January Sweepstakes Winner: Lyndsay McEwan

Uwe Koetter Jewellers decided for a period of 3 months[...]

Colour Diamond Basics

To get you clued up about diamond colour, we[...]

The jewellery oscar goes to- Anna Kendrick

The Academy Awards also known as the Oscars are widely[...]


The American Music Awards pays tribute to today’s[...]

Valentines Day: The eternity ring

Be a romantic and romance her with a one of a kind Uwe[...]

Consider shape when buying your ring

Shape affects how the ring will look on your finger,[...]

December Sweepstakes Winner: Malcolm Maxwell

Uwe Koetter Jewellers for a period of 3 months will be[...]

Uwe Koetter’s 2015 Golden Globes Review

The 72nd Golden Globes took place on Sunday where the[...]

Marriage Milestone Gems

“A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love,[...]

3 most fabulous jewellery moments of 2014

This year has seen the return of old Hollywood glam[...]


There are lots of Christmas treasures out there but[...]

How do you choose the best chandelier earring length?

Chandelier earrings can be really stylish however[...]

modifying Inherited jewellery

Don’t rush into any type of decision: selling the[...]

Sudden Choker Surge

A teenage style staple in the 1990s chokers are[...]

famous and fabulous celebrity engagement rings

Celebrities can go crazy with engagement rings not[...]

Xfactor judge Cheryl Cole Sparkles

The X Factor is a singing competition that has[...]

your Jewellery cruise guide

So you’re hitting the high seas this summer and that[...]

Be culturally bespoke

Jewellery is an art form that is not only used but[...]

Clutch those rings

Clutch those rings


A clutch bag without a ring is like an eternity ring[...]

The power of black

The power of black


The power of black jewellery is often underestimated.[...]

L’Afrique c’est chic

Modern Safari style blends together urban and African[...]

Downton Abbey’s global art decor jewellery craze

The global hit series Downton Abbey fueled the Art[...]

The gent’s wedding BAND GUIDE

Every groom should love his wedding band every bit as[...]

Earrings and the summer hair updo combo

Among all the hairstyles it is the updos that just[...]

Event| Footsteps to Freedom Winter Lecture Series

Uwe Koetter hosted the last lecture of the[...]

Spring into Sapphires

Spring and summer 2014 is all about pastels and[...]

New york fashion week jewellery star style

New York Fashion Week is a significant event in the[...]

New York Fashion Week – Pearls in the spotlight

Joseph Altuzarra current CFDA Womenswear designer of[...]

Precious Platinum Synopsis

Platinum is a valuable metal that has become well[...]


Think carefully about what jewellery item you will[...]

How to wear the multiple ring trend

Styling this trend looks straightforward but there is[...]

The journey of two CPUT students job shadowing with Uwe Koetter

Since 2010 Cape Peninsula University of Technology[...]

What are fancy colour diamonds?

The infamous colourless diamond is arguably the most[...]

Uwe Koetter introduces you to DERRICK

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Derrick, our refined[...]

our memory of Madiba

Today the 18th July 2014 is the first Mandela Day[...]




There is always a focus on educating oneself about the[...]

Welcome to our Uwe Koetter Waterfront store

Situated in the breathtaking view of Table Mountain[...]

Multiple rings: YAY OR NAY?

The multiple ring trend is not really new but lately[...]


Welcome to the month of the Ruby, July’s birthstone[...]

be irresistibly blue with tanzanite jewels

With fashion being so innovative and bold lately, we[...]

General tender loving care tips for your jewellery

Your precious jewellery deserves tender loving care in[...]

Celebrity style profile: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie a leading Hollywood actress and one of[...]

CPUT designs Uwe Koetter couture paper dresses

We dwelled long and hard about what to dress the Uwe[...]

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Anneke

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Anneke our talented[...]

Mystery of the FIFA World Cup trophy

Some of us watch the FIFA World Cup for the eye candy[...]


The ring on your finger speaks volumes about your[...]

lookbook: Cocktail rings a gift to womankind

A cocktail ring brings out the playful you, your inner[...]

Cape Town Guides Association event

Uwe Koetter hosted the CTGA (Cape Town Guides[...]

Johan Louw designs a Kirstenbosch crown jewel

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden’s Centenary[...]

The Good Vibes Charity Bracelet lookbook

As promised this is our lookbook post from our[...]

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Vikkie

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Vikkie our ambitious[...]

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Shane

Uwe Koetter introduces you to Shane our most[...]

Uwe Koetter Blog starts now!

Uwe Koetter Blog starts now! We decided to take our[...]

Uwe Koetter’s Met Gala 2014 review

The Met Gala widely regarded as one of the most[...]

Uwe Koetter’s Mother’s Day 2014

There is no gift more exceptional than a piece from[...]

Jewellery Box- the home of your jewellery

Jewellery boxes are the homes to many of our jewellery[...]

Celebrity jewellery profile: David Beckham

If I was asked the question do you think that there is[...]

Pinterest competition winners

As Candice Lind our Pinterest competition winner[...]

Wonders of a necklace

Accessories are the most important details when it[...]