Being distinctive takes courage. It takes guts to challenge convention and group think. It takes critical thought not to accept what we are told blindly, but to challenge the foundations of our thoughts. 
However, as we pursue this path of being distinctive, invariably we have to make choices. Choices that may not be popular with others. This fear of conflict or of addressing differences (or even highlighting them) results in many not pursuing the path of being distinctive, but rather choosing the well-trodden route of conformity. 

Generally, we don’t evaluate these foundations as they have always just been part of our thinking. They form part of our deeply-rooted paradigm shaped over many years by, amongst others, our caregivers, community, schooling and experiences. Our paradigm determines what we believe to be fair and reasonable. It determines what we believe to be acceptable, or not. None of this is new news, it has been our way for centuries. 

However, courage has always existed. And it exists in each of us. And now, where the like-minded are more easily connected than ever before, groups have formed to challenge paradigms that are rooted in unfairness – and this we celebrate.

We celebrate the growing confidence in expressing distinctive thought and challenging unfairness, the tackling of issues regarding race, gender bias and equality. Independent thinking is, after all, what we stand for. 

There is one essential thread of thought that seems to be omitted from these conversations though, and it’s rather important: We’re not the same. Not one, single person is the same as another. And in that lies the beauty of life. Not one relationship, family, circumstance or country is the same as another. And how fantastic is that?

We love the fact that no person can be equated to another. Because when one attempts to classify people based on our assumptions and paradigm,  the magic of life is lost. Life was meant to be bespoke.

It is based on this that we will be featuring our Spirited range in this newsletter. The collection is based on feathers and what they represent. And considering the current climate, courage and freedom is really what we all need.

It is against this backdrop that we are proud to introduce a collection of items with designs rooted in thoughts of feathers and cranes. The designs celebrate confidence, encourage bravery and signal hope. They promise providence and remind one to trust in one’s capabilities.

And it is for this reason that we named it Spirited.

A note on feathers and cranes

When considering this collection of jewellery, one needs to keep in mind the rich lore and belief system in which feathers and cranes are steeped in.

The symbolism of feathers, finding feathers or even seeing one floating by ranges from signs of being watched over by angels, divine care and prosperity to transcending restraining thoughts and being creative. Cranes too are revered all over the world and in many cultures. They seem to be adored by many. They embody longevity, happiness, good fortune, intelligence and balance.

These items have been crafted with these beliefs as their back story. We hope that their stories inspire your own.

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