‘Tis the season to bring sparkle and shine into the lives of your loved ones and we’re here to show you just how. 

This season, it’s more than about gifting but rather showing your love and appreciation to those nearest and dearest to you. Join us as we uncover some of our favourite pieces to gift this season. Our curated selection of crafted jewellery is made with love, attention to detail and care, transforming any moment into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Let these timeless pieces inspire you on your endeavour to meaningful gifting that sends a message of adoration and appreciation to those in your life. 

Tantalising Tanzanite 


Tanzanite, renowned for its captivating blue-violet hue, stands as a gemstone of striking vibrancy. Gifting this precious stone to a loved one symbolises the rarity and preciousness of love, mirroring the gem’s own unique qualities.

The gemstone’s ability to display different colours from various angles, a phenomenon known as pleochroism, beautifully signifies the multifaceted nature of relationships.

Tanzanite is also a popular choice for marking the 24th wedding anniversary, becoming an everlasting token of enduring love.

Our Round Tanzanite Ring is not just a stunning gift but an impactful way to express to your loved one how much you cherish them.

Ruby Red

Fiery, passionate and alluring. Does this describe your loved one? If you answered yes, then this is their perfect gift.

A symbol of love and vitality, these Ruby Heart Earrings are a precious offering for your partner. Send an intentional message with these 14K rose and white gold earrings. Their radiant pear shaped Rubies set in rose gold hearts and accent Diamond and Ruby drops combine glamour and class flawlessly.

Perfect Proteas


Our exquisite Protea Necklace is a festive wishlist item everyone desires. A true ode to the splendour of South Africa, celebrating our iconic and rich fynbos and seamlessly blending nature and sophistication. 

This piece has been expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The pendant delicately showcases protea petals while the central part replicates the intricate structure of a real protea head (thanks to advanced 3D scans). The protea is the embodiment of beauty and resilience making it the ideal gift for a loved one who embodies these attributes too. 

Personalise Your Present

We understand that each and every connection is unique and deeply personal. That’s why we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to create custom pieces that authentically capture the spirit of their loved ones. 

Receiving a gift crafted specifically with you in mind is incredibly endearing — It’s a tangible expression of the bond shared between two people.

Talk to one of our skilled designers and let’s embark on a journey to curate something truly bespoke and extraordinary for your special person.

Season of Giving

For us, gift-giving is a cherished language of love, and we are delighted to share that sentiment with you.

Selecting fine jewellery may seem daunting at first, but with our expert guidance, we can help you find the perfect gift for your special someone, making them feel not only special but adored and treasured as well!